As families grow, homes can become cramped. While there is ample backyard space to play in, the grass is limiting. Its uneven surface can make tasks difficult, while the grass itself can irritate. Installing outdoor decking extends your living space while providing a comfortable outdoor lounge and activity area away from allergens. Additionally, backyard decks are ideal for hosting guests. When scouting for an outdoor deck builder, look no further than ACT Decks, the leader in cutting-edge and masterfully-crafted decks, pergolas, gates, and even privacy screens.

Talk to an Outdoor Deck Builder About Material Selection

As with all exterior fixtures, material selection is crucial to the strength and longevity of backyard decks. Low-quality options — plastic or pressure-treated lumber — are popular economic choices but have their setbacks. Plastic doesn’t look or feel like wood, and its connecting jousts warp causing noisy creeks. Pressure-treated lumber cracks, warps, and is infused with chemicals to ward off rot and termites. Pressure-treated lumber requires regular stain and wood preservatives to keep its look and finish – or it turns an unnatural green.

The aesthetic superiority of natural softwoods redwood and cedar are a popular choice for outdoor decking. The tannins and oils in the lumber’s heartwood naturally keep insects and decay at bay. You’ll want your deck built from the harder heartwood, abundant at the centre of the tree, rather than the softer outer-lining sapwood. Maintenance requires annual power washing and a new coat of finish every few years. A clear coat of wood preserver is ideal for added weather protection and to reduce the occurrence of small cracks. To preserve the backyard deck’s vibrant colour, a stain is needed because all-natural wood options will fade to a silver-grey.

Tropical hardwoods such as cumaru, ipe, and tigerwood are incredibly dense making them heavy but durable. They also have naturally occurring properties that protect the wood. The density of this class of outdoor decking material is resistant to stain treatments, but you can achieve success through an oil-based stain specifically designed to penetrate hardwoods.

Contract with the Best: ACT Decks

Beautiful backyard decks start with solid planning. During your free estimate, we’ll discuss your intended usage and go over the advantages and potential disadvantages of each building material. We communicate with you daily to review progress and unforeseen challenges. Our team of outdoor deck builders are not subcontractors; instead, we work as a well-oiled machine to design and build outstanding outdoor living extensions from premium-quality materials meant to last. We pride ourselves on staying within budget and on schedule. You won’t be pressured to exceed your budget, and you’re guaranteed to get superior craftsmanship.

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