When you bought your house, it was the perfect size for you. Years, a few children, and a spouse later, it’s clear you don’t have enough space. The interior is cramped while your non-existent patio has no area to host guests properly. Your children are at an age where they want to bring friends over, and, rather than booking an event venue, you’ve wanted to host the annual company BBQ at your house. A pergola extension makes use of the area you already have. ACT Decks masterfully designs and builds patio and deck extensions residential settings. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and well-versed in the latest trends and techniques, a partnership with ACT Decks ensures aesthetically pleasing premium-quality outdoor extensions suitable for high-traffic environments such backyard patio hosting.

Superior Craftmanship from ACT Decks

ACT Decks is an established team of young, enthusiastic, licensed and highly skilled carpenters who are passionate about our craft. We do not entrust your patio project to subcontractors we’ve never worked with, nor do we cut corners such as using nails instead of screws to finish the project quickly – at the price of quality. We stand behind our work and are eager to impart our knowledge to help you select the correct materials for your patio extension. A deck extension must be designed to withstand the weight of furniture, foot traffic, and environmental elements. We double and sometimes triple reinforce your deck’s underlying foundation to ensure its ability to withstand the weight and movement of your intended use.

We approach each project as a custom job and pride ourselves on staying within the agreed upon budget and production time. In turn, you get beautifully a beautifully crafted and highly durable multi-purpose deck that is sure to make a memorable impression. We keep you involved throughout the entire project with daily updates and stand by our work with unbeatable warranties.

Choosing the Deck Extension That’s Right for Your Establishment

You can infuse your style into the architecture of your home. Be sure that the materials you select are suitable for the outdoor elements in your location. Cedar and Redwood are common choices for high-quality patio extensions. However, one must consider the traffic and added weight the patio extension is expected to bare. It’s essential that the harder heartwood of these trees’ interiors is used rather than the softer sapwood derived from the external tree rings. In general, using harder lumbers for decking produces longer-lasting results because these decks are less prone to nicks and chips compared to softer options. You may look to tropical hardwoods as their dense structure will better resist blemishes over time. Darker varieties of these hardwoods, however, absorb heat and become very hot. If choosing tropical hardwoods, consider a pergola extension. Pergola style extensions add shade-providing awnings and can be designed to let in partial light while keeping the area cool and dry.

As a word of advice, stay away from “economical” options such as plastic and pressure-treated lumber. Although low maintenance, plastic is hot, cracks as it breaks down, and squeaks in response to walking. Pressure-treated lumber, on the other hand, is infused with harsh chemicals to protect the wood, is highly prone to structural damage, and fades to an artificial green.

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