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The Benefits of Composite Wood Decking in Canberra

Composite wood is a combination of wood scraps and other materials that are combined and held together by an adhesive. A veneer can be applied to make it look more like beautiful natural wood. Composite building materials have improved over the years and have several benefits over natural wood.

Composite wood lasts longer than natural lumber, so you may never have to replace your decking. A wood deck can be expected to last about 10-15 years while composite decking can be expected to last about 25-30 years. Of course, factors exist that can alter the average lifespan including quality of maintenance and climate conditions, but composites won’t splinter or be susceptible to insect infestations.

Composite wood requires much less maintenance than natural wood, but that doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free. It’s important to learn how to care for your deck to get the most out of it and to keep it looking beautiful. All building materials will accumulate dirt, mould, and mildew and require regular cleaning. While wood needs treatment and re-staining, composite materials usually just require cleaning with a pressure washer or with soapy water.

Composite wood is better for the environment than pressure-treated wood because it uses recycled materials and less toxic chemicals. Some of the early opponents to composites stated the adhesives and other chemicals used were detrimental, but the technology has improved over the years.

How to Choose Composite Wood Decking

Similar to natural lumber, composite decking comes in different grades depending on their quality so, generally, the more expensive the material, the longer it will last. You can choose boards that are hollow or solid. For example, hollow boards are less expensive but can accumulate water inside that can lead to warping. Solid boards are more expensive but look more natural and tend to be stronger.

You can also choose composite wood decking that is less likely to scratch, less slippery when wet, or more resistant to UV rays. Colour is important because dark colours are hot underfoot if your deck is in the sun.

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